i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

madagascan death beetle October 29, 2006

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walkign down the street, i suddenly see right in front of my feet, the biggest red beetle you have ever seen. a big fat thai lady sitting on a chair suddenly looks at me and at the beetle, and cackles widely, screaming, “maaaddagasccaaar. you eeeaattt?!! taasty yaaaahh!!!”

i shake my head, laugh a little bit and step carefully over the marsupial sized crustaceon.

looking behind me a few moments later i see the woman running from side to side kicking and stamping furiously at the poor little bugger, screaming her head off, possibly trying to score dinner.


new sleep routine

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so, usually i am a fan of a good 10 hours a night. a nice early night, getting up at a reasonable hour. but i have developed a new sort of sleep pattern in thailand. it kinda goes like…

awake: 24 hours
sleep: 24 hours
awake: 24 hours
sleep: 24 hours


maybe thats a bit of an exageration, but i have been finding i can’t sleep aaaallll night unless the night before i haven’t slept aaaalll night. its fun. its wierd. i’ll grow used to it. plus i’m getting to watcha¬† hell of a lot of films this way.