i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

phuket town November 10, 2006

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i been in phuket town for a couple of days now i think. the first night we arrived at about 7pm after loads of travel, and after a few big bottles of nice strong beer i was able to sleep very well. the following day consisted of doing nothing much but reading and sleeping and looking around the town, followed by a severely heavy night of drinking way too much whiskey in the hotel foyer till 2 in the morning. well.. that was fun. but the next day was kinda one to forget about… seeing as i slept in till 5 in the evening then went back to bed at about 9. still. i’m allowed to do that cause i dont have work or uni! ha!!

anyway. today i went up a hill. i thought it would be good for me and i heard a rumour that there would be some monkeys i can find. there was. it was a nice view, and i found a monkey.

anyway, that was that. i put up a handful more photos of different places i have been so far, so just click the link to the flickr feed on the right.


dead people in my room November 8, 2006

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so, i have got to phuket. what another bloody adventure that was. the thai system of gettign tourists from one place to another is…. flawed, at best. it took 13 hours to get from ko samui to phuket, from bungalow to hotel. and it took about 50 differetn stages of transport.

minibus from bungalow to other side of ko samui.
change to big coach and dont move for half an hour before going on it for about 10 minutes to the ferry.
ferry back to mainland.
coach again to surat thani.
chucked off there, shoved in ‘free’ tuk tuk which takes 5 of us 100 meters then asks for money. we get off, go into some place and wait there for 10 minutes.
another free tuk tuk comes and takes us to some other resurant/travel agent in surat thani
wait there for 2 hours!
another tuk tuk to another resturant/travel agent
wait there for nearly another hour
FINALLY get on a coach which takes us to phuket.
they drop us off about 3km out of town and try and make us pay more to take us into town.
me and a sweedish couple I met up with just walk it, and finally make it to a hotel/guesthouse i knew was cheap.

its sooo cheap. i’m paying like… 230baht (3 quid) per night. its pretty …. not world class. but it does the job. and they filmed the scene in the beach where that guy dies in his room. ca’t remember if he kills himself or is killed or whatever. but ther was blood everywhere. and that was in my hotel 😀 yay.

apart from that. everything in this place is mega cheap compared to ko samui. speshly the beer. yum yum. cheap and strong the way i like it.

anyway. its hot and i’m tired from travelling and eating lots.