i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

see ya folks. October 22, 2006

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right. so. i’m leaving england. gonna go to thailand and australia and all that. gonna meet ry in a couple of months. gonna explore on my lonesome till then. if you like me or know me and care what i have been doing, i shall write about my adventures right here, so come check it out and see whats going on in my life. last night i had a small gathering of children in my kitchen. it was fun. click on the flickr feed on the right to see any other photos i upload.

thanks for coming… i’ll miss you all lots and i will see you all soon. lots of love from luke.


…and so ryan left, and it was just me October 7, 2006

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right, so, you all know I am going travelling with ry… but first he is leaving to go to Cambodia, to do some jungle conversation or conservation or whatever. i’m gonna be leaving too in the not to distant future,then meeting up with him in Sydney just a little bit before christmas ready for some proper fun and travelling. ryan had a small little leaving party at his house, which was a nice evening…. even morgan was friendly.