i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

melbourne, dwarves and flying monkeys December 3, 2006

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so i’ve been here a week or so, and its been pretty fun. pretty crazy… a good laugh. bev and micks hostel is pretty sweet, thanks to that guy in bangkok who sent me here. without you i would be still sitting in a drain in melbourne, maybe.

anyway, i have done a lot of sleeping. thats fun. done a hell of a lot of cheese on toast eating. (and variations on that, including cheese between toast, cheese next to toast, and beans on cheese on toast.) and rather too much drinking. so, this friday i met the australians that i met last friday again, and found out that the persons bed i slept in on my first night in melbourne was a dwarf… that made me laugh. mainly becuase i was actually speaking to the dwarf about this. (i didnt’ sleep in it with him, he was out of town hence why i was in that bed.). anyway… yeah, dwarf. they are little.

also, i was hit in the head by a wet flying monkey. i can’t really remember why or what happened… but it happened. it hink it might have been a cuddly toy.

also, theres a crazy korean girl who is the most annoying person anyone has ever met who is like, the ultimate typical asian tourist. t is quite funny, and shes nice and everything, but so annoying, and insisted on dragging me off sightseeing round melbourne, including going to the casino to spend her 2 dollars she had saved up for that. whatever….

also… i managed to get a haircut. though, i paid for it with my favourite hat, because that was the drunken deal that was struck. so now i have a drunken haircut, and no favourite hat. i am gonna have to make ryan find the hat when he is in bangkok and buy me a new one and bring it to me, for i cannot live without it.. even if i do have a slightly uneven, but none the less not too bad haircut.

anyway… thats about it. i have done a bit of sightseeing around melbourne.. gone to the beach, and visited some museums and seen the sights in the city. its a really nice city. despite the crazy weather. one day it is like 35 degrees, the next it is 15 and fairly chilly. but its always nice. i am planning on doing a 4 day trip on the great ocean road to adelaid, stay there for a couple of days before heading back to melbourne, then to canberra then onto sydney to meet ry. oh, i also booked a skydive for sydney. thanks so much to those friends of mine who got me the voucher which i used to pay for most of that. by the way, i’m blaming you all if i die.

i have some photos… but i don’t have my camera here right now and i can’t be bothered to get it. so i might put them up before i go great ocean road, if not, i will afterwards, i will hopefully have some really cool photos then, can’t wait.

seeya around. gimme an email if your around australia.

also, i have IMPORTANT INFORMATION. i recently broke one of my two red elastic bands. i was literally devastated, and i think it may be upsetting the yin yang or feng shui or whatever it is called in my life. anyway, seeing as it is christmas soon, i would be sooooo grateful if someone would send me a red elastic band for christmas. like, honestly, it would make my life. so, if you fancy doing that, pack it up all nice, and post it to sydney gpo or something…just like,

luke o’neill
post restante
sydney gpo

and email me to tell me you have sent it yeeah and then i will be happy. very happy.



phuket town November 10, 2006

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i been in phuket town for a couple of days now i think. the first night we arrived at about 7pm after loads of travel, and after a few big bottles of nice strong beer i was able to sleep very well. the following day consisted of doing nothing much but reading and sleeping and looking around the town, followed by a severely heavy night of drinking way too much whiskey in the hotel foyer till 2 in the morning. well.. that was fun. but the next day was kinda one to forget about… seeing as i slept in till 5 in the evening then went back to bed at about 9. still. i’m allowed to do that cause i dont have work or uni! ha!!

anyway. today i went up a hill. i thought it would be good for me and i heard a rumour that there would be some monkeys i can find. there was. it was a nice view, and i found a monkey.

anyway, that was that. i put up a handful more photos of different places i have been so far, so just click the link to the flickr feed on the right.