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bangkok to ko samui October 30, 2006

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so i wake up, and i’m like, it’ll be fun to go somewhere with a beach and sea. so at 12 i check out, get some lunch quickly and then get a taxi to the trainstation. that is hard enough, cause i don’t know where the train station is, what it is called, or anything, and my driver has an obsession with 2 pound coins…. he wants to take me everywhere but the station, and seems amazed that i don’t actually know where i am going to go when i get to the station.

arrive at station, about 12:30. walk around, going… ‘huh’, till some helper guy comes up to me and helps me to find out i need to go to sarathani, where i can then get buses either to the east or west coast. i quickly get myself a 2nd class sleeper train booked, leaving at 19:30… and settle myself down to spending 7 hours moving from resturant to cafe in the train station, and reading loads and going to sweaty strolls into chinatown with my 400kg bag.

as it gets closer to my trian, and it gets busier in the station, a couple of random thai people start talking to me. one assures me if i ever get in trouble just email him and he will rescue me. the other decides to be frank, and tells me he is gay and he thinks i look sharp, and wonders i am going to shoot him cause he is gay. i quickly make a move away, cause as much as a don’t mind gays… when they are 45 and thai… just no. eugh.

sleeper train. not bad. despite the fact some thai faimly of 6 only booked 3 seats, and had 3 screaming babies. eventually get about a couple of hours sleep at 3am.

off at sarathani, and touts come screaming at me trying to buy there tickets to phuket or ko samui. i don’t even know which one i want to go to yet. i fianlly decide on phuket, but when they tell me the bus isn’t for another 2 hours i go for ko samui. i sit outside the bus, knowing i have 20 minutes till it departs. then… no idea what is wrong with me… after 20 minutes, the bus just drives off… me having totally forgotten to get on it. 5 minutes later, i realized what has happened when crazy fat thai woman comes running up to me syaing i missed bus, and drags me off to a local normal bus. she says something to someone, gives em 20baht and then the bus goes off after a while, filled with thais. i have NO idea what is going on, where i am going, or who i am going there with. finally we get into some place, the bus empties, and i am dragged off by another thai woman, onto a second bus. a few minutes later the guy on that bus throws my bag off on the side of the road and pushes me after it.

well. i’m bored of typing. i’m going to bed. (ps. i’m not still stuck on the side of the road, lonely and afriad.)