i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

and as they thought he was dead… January 26, 2007

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… he returned to write upon this magical book of his deeds and movements across the great south east of the world.

yes, folks. if anyone is still looking at this site (which according to the blog stats a good handful of people a day are) I have returned to write muchly upon it of what has happened to me, what is happening to me, and what will happen to me in the future. indeed, one of the major things that has happened in the last four weeks is the blessing of being able to read to future. i can tell you for one thing that at least two of you are going to stop reading this because of my blabbering, and then at least two more are going to force them selves to continue to read it just to seem nice.

please, theres lots more, click the link to read on:


australia…. woah dude. November 28, 2006

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right. i’m in australia. this is truly so cool. i mean, i wanted to come travelling round the world and stuff.. but what i really wanted was to go to australia. and its just amazing… everything has been perfect. well, kind of. but, yeah, it was been awesome.

firstly, the flight i got was the maiden flight of some new qantas subsidary called jetstar. so it was a brand new plane with leather seats and nice food, and there were loads of photographers taking photos of us boarding and stuff. and we got a little wreath of flowers each. which was nice untill the sniffer dog in australia tried to rape me and then kill me for bringing illegal substances into the country. i was shocked and scared, but he did the same to everyone else after, so i didnt get artrsted.

anyway, despite being a brand new company, they didnt’ have any customers, so i got the whole middle isle to myself to lie down nicely on. business class styley yeah!

right. so. australia. its really amazing. its just… coooool. like, woah man. hard to explain, but it is cool. the weather in melbourne is great. its just warm and nice, but not so much you can’t sleep at night. you can’t sleep at night because i’msleeping above a pub with patrons who don’t stop until 4am! but, thats not really much of a problem now is it.

so, my first experience of australia was this. i sat down in the pub where i am staying, watching the ashes with some nice cold beer. just perfect. long story short, i ended up meeting a group of ozzies, getting lots of free drinks which they won in a kinda game of deal or no deal that is every friday night here, then went to a 21st birthday party which had free beer on tap. nice.

anyway, thats oz. seeya soon.x