i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

This may be the end February 26, 2007

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I am writing to inform you that this may be my last post. This is not because I am finished with travelling, or because I have lost my hands in a freak accident with my bamboo walking stick, or because I have just decided that I am too damn lazy to type a hundred words every other week.

 It is, in fact, because I am probably not gonnabe alive pretty soon. I am going to Myanmar (Burma) in the morning, which is well known as the terrorist capital of the world, (behind only Turkmenastan and Kyrgamikastan), home of 26,590 political activists who have been imprisoned for thinking for a remote second that the ruling military were slightly unreasonable in forcing every Burmese person in the world to build roads paved with gold for the 26 and a half tourists a year who turn up, and also, they have lots of land mines.

So, overall I am hoping for an enjoyable trip, where I will be able to meet lots of nice people, maybe bump into another traveller somewhere along the line (though this shall be like finding a proverbial haystack in the massive home of needles, russia), then come to a quick and mostly painless demise at the hands of several carnivorous yaks.

Anyway, up till now I have been doing nothing much in Pai, then travelling for hours and hours on buses and bikes and trucks and tuk tuks and every other type of transport around. I have also continued my fued with the money changer by the 7/11, who refuses to give me any money no matter what I do! first he wouldn’t accept my card without a passport, then he wouldn’t accept my australian/malaysian/indonesian money, then he wouldn’t accept my card WITH a passport, and now he refuses to buy my clean crisp 1000 baht notes off me for US dollar. saying he doesn’t sell dollars. I bugger off elsewhere to get them, then come back later to see him selling dollars to some girl. This guy HATES me. But I will get him to give me some money before I finish here. Grrr.

Apart from that. Everythings wicked.





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