i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

gili gili gili… February 10, 2007

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so, fed up with the massive business and touristyness of kuta, bali, i decided to up and leave to the next island in the indonesian chain, lombok. off the coast of lombok are the three gili islands. air, meno and trawangan. i went to trawangan. after 12 hours of sweaty vans, slow as hell ferries and wobbly little boats, i got to the island and found a sweet little place.

this island is crazy cool. its only like a few miles all the way round it… or a 40 minute run. theres no cars and moto’s. just horse drawn carts and people on bikes. theres nothing to do but laze around in little huts watching dvds on your own private tv, sit on the beach, snorkel in the reef and then go drinking at night. what a perfect place just to chill out and relax.

anyway, 5 nights there, and one scuba dive later(which was fantastic. inlucded seeing a shark, about 10 masive turtles and every fish ever invented in the world), it is back to kuta for a few days. i should be leaving right about now to catch my flight to malaysia.. but i can’t really be bothered. i’ll stay here a while yaar. gotta do more surfing!!!!


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