i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

“hello. its andrew from rayment recruitment..” January 31, 2007

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so i was just watching a little bit of rugrats in indonesian early last night when my phone rings for like the first time in 6 months. i see it is a chelmsford number, so i’m thinking, oooooh. till i answer it and get told that there is some work going tonight if i want any. i set him straight telling him i’m actually in bali, so i probably won’t be able to make it. it was probably working at the milk factory again anyway, so i haven’t missed out on anything.

anyway. i am in bali as i just mentioned. its well good. in kuta where i am, it is pretty touristy, but in a nice sort of way, and it is still very asian. the whole vibe here is surfing, with loads and loads of proper surf shops all the way along the main road. quicksilver, billabong, roxy, mooks etc etc. selling real stuff at real low prices.

the beach here, although not the nicest one i have been to, is long and all the way along are groups of indo’s with four or five surf boards to hire out. so i have had 3 days here surfing on the mental bali waves, on a really nice 7 foot board. it is so good to have a board which is not 9 foot long. i can actually do proper turns on it its great fun. 😀

apart from the wickedness of surfing, it has been really painful sometimes. firstly, my nipples are red raw, and so are two of my little moles on my stomach. even with a rash vest on,they just rub and get sore. poor little things. then theres the cuts on my knees, back of my knees, thigh, and fingers from the board and fins whacking into my constantly. its prettyhairy out there, but its all great fun.

all in all, surfing in kuta is good. even if it is the worst time for surfing here apparently. i haveto come back in august….


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