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air asia… suck January 27, 2007

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grr they are annoying. the whole flight was nothing but hassel yesterday. starting with the fact that they check in 2 hours before the flight not 3, and i got there half an hour early cause of lack of regular shuttle buses, so i had to wait an hour an a half before anything happened.

 then i find out they have a 15kg luggage allowance, which is just stupid as every other airline is 20kgs. so after they forced me to check in my guitar, my luggage was 3kg over (though they tried to charge me for 4kg, i fought that charge). so eventually i pay and get it all over with, not happy, and extremely tired.

finally on the flight, they are rock hard chairs made of stone or lead or something, and apparently i’m not allowed to put my bag under the chair in front of me… whatever.

then eventually after hassel at KL airport, with the fact they don’t have any working cash machines so therefore i had no money except USD25 i happened to have in my wallet. if it wasn’t for that i would have been thoroughly screwed and stuck at another airport for another night. eventually i get to a hostel, which was quite a cool place, despite being diiirrrty, but it was a fun night and fully airconditioned dorm which was sweet. i was booked into a different hostel for tonight, so i head there this morning, check in, unpack everything, and find that the baaaasstards at air asia have broke my guitar, after all that!. thats why i told them i didn’t want to check it in but they forced me to. so i’m not happy.

 i got another flight with them tomorrow, so i am gonna head down there early and have words with them. and try and go through the rigmorale (is that a word) of getting a big ass refund on my broken guitar. i paid the extra 2 pound for extra insurance, so they should give me some money back.

anyway, apart from that, kuala lumpa seems pretty cool. and very hot. only here for a 2 days, but i’m back for a few more in a couple of weeks, which will be cool.


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