i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

and as they thought he was dead… January 26, 2007

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… he returned to write upon this magical book of his deeds and movements across the great south east of the world.

yes, folks. if anyone is still looking at this site (which according to the blog stats a good handful of people a day are) I have returned to write muchly upon it of what has happened to me, what is happening to me, and what will happen to me in the future. indeed, one of the major things that has happened in the last four weeks is the blessing of being able to read to future. i can tell you for one thing that at least two of you are going to stop reading this because of my blabbering, and then at least two more are going to force them selves to continue to read it just to seem nice.

please, theres lots more, click the link to read on:

so, where have i been? why have i not written on this bloggagesite for such a while? well, i will answer the second question first.

i have not written upon here because for one, it takes a lot of time and effort and energy, which i have not had a lot of recently. and this convieniently leads me onto the answer to the next question.

since my last update, where i believe i was just arriving in sydney, had just met ryan, and had just done a great big skydive. well. after an accident involving half a crate of beer, a roof, a box of red wine and a block of extra tasty cheese, we headed to the beach to tan, then next day to Coogee for christmas. we were to stay here for ten days.

as we headed down the street looking for some late luncheon, a felt a hand upon my shoulder, and some deep voice of an older man complementing me on my shorts. this i found very scary, and spun round, pretty much ready for a little kung fu action upon this clear beast from the abyss. problem was. it was my dad. yeah. pops came to sydney to say hello.

anyway, basically, we spent the next ten days doing stuff with dad, eating at restuarants and going on boats and trips to the mountains and generally having the best time in sydney. it twas splendidly terrifantastical, and was great having some family around at christmas.

then there was new years. that drunken fueled night of fireworks and beer. then wine. then champagne. then vodka. then ending up on coogee beach to see the first sunrise of 2007, the most beautiful thing in the universe. i have photos to come, but the cable is in my main pack which is locked away in a luggage room.

anyway, so after a great yuletide season in the merrysun of syders, it was time to say farewell to my father, farewell to our dorm at the wizard of oz, and farewell to the greatest restaurant ever invented. five o’s. because, me and ryan had coach tickets up the east coast.

i’m not gonna bore you with all the details of every day on the east coast, but needless to say, it was hectic, fast paced, lots of stops, lots of drink, lots of sun, surf, sand, goon, sand, pizza, cheese, sand, goon, and lizards. highlights include byron bay with its wickedness, surfingness (pictures of this will come, and for those of you who saw the ones that ryan put up on facebook, please, ignore them. he chose the best ones of him and the worst one of me. the truth will prevail soon.) noosa was a beautiful, rich rich rich seaside resort. port macquarie was home to the cheapest large pizza hut pizza on earth (2 pounds!), the most pom bashingly evil hostel owner (big tone) and some swiss bird who comes from langenthal! (which is where some of my swiss family live).

anyway. it was a very hurried afair of travelling up the coast, and i only got up to hervey bay and fraser island, which was amazing. but i had so much more to go north to, but sadly i had to leave. me and ryan divorced as he continues up the coast. i have flown all the way back down to sydney, then all the way back to bangkok. it feels like i am on my way home.

so last night, after missing the last bus out of the airport and being too stubborn (and cheap) to pay for a taxi into town, i slept on the airport floor. i am now back in baglampu for only a few mere hours before i am to head back to the airport. because i have a flight to malaysia tonight. sadly, as i booked the cheapest possible flights, i am again arriving past midnight in kuala lumpa. so most likely it will involve my second night sleeping on an airport floor in a row. i stole the courtesy cushion from qantas though, so i am damn well all set.

that is basically what i have done so far, and what is going on with my life in the next 24 hours. i have much more plans, which shall become known to you as you ask me, or as i write them upon here.

and remember, photos WILL be up soon, i PROMISE!!!

if you did read this all, bless you little cotton socks, and all that is holy in the name of allah.

lots of love,
luke jebadiah o’neill. xx


24 Responses to “and as they thought he was dead…”

  1. Collette Says:


    at last the wanderer returns to the land of blogging! Sounds like you have had the most amazing time in oz, lots of goon hey! Ohhh, i just lurve the goon.

    I’m off skiing tomorrow, yipeeee, may not come back!!!

    Speak soon Batman, fab to hear from you.

    Big Sis Robin xxx

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