i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

erm.. hi December 22, 2006

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i haven’t really posted anything about what i’m doing… and i haven’t got those photos up that i promised. this is mainly because australian computers are horrendous and won’t let me do what i need to get them up, so i will try and put them up soon, but i am no longer promising anything.

 also. i have been really busy lately, and also tired and stuff, so haven’t bothered to write anything. basically i met up with ry and we are having fun. and i jumped out a plane and it was fun. (thanks for the best birthday present ever). and we went to the beach and are now both black. and the weather has been rubbish for the last 4 days, but today was great once more. hopefully it will be a white christmas… or whatever the really sunny equivilent of that is.

anyway, thats about all. we are just doing stuff and mainly relaxing. we’ve got plenty of time…..

happy xmas everyone. bye.


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