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adelaide and the zoo December 10, 2006

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so i have been in adelaide for what… five days.? yeah, this is my fifth day i think. its been pretty chilled out. its a very quite, spacious, and different city to melbourne. i think it barely classifies as a city…. its pretty much the same size as chelmo, but muuuch less cramped.

anyway, after arriving at 5am, and getting some pretty photos of the town in the first light of the morning, i found a hostel. this place is nothing like mcmahons where i stayed in melbourne. for one thing, it isn’t a pub, so when you step out of your roomo your not automativally standing at a bar. its been nice having a while off of drinking, and i have basically just spent the time wakling around adeliade.

i went to a musuem and found out about animals (they have fur), and people from fiji (they don’t have fur), and chicken ceaser salad baguettes (again, no fur.). i went to the zoo, which was awesome. there was loasd of things, like seals which were having a duel to the death. monkeys which bounced on each others heads, and kangaroos which were incredibly boring and sat under rocks. there little penguins were amazingly awesome though. they just stood there, and i just stood there, for about an hour in silence staring at each other.

anyway. this place just had the biggest heat wave in the history of the world ever. first of all it was very cold, like 30 degrees, then it got hotter and hotter, and the night before last it only went down to like 28 degrees, then in the day it went up to 42, then last night down to 30. today is nice though, its a bit cloudy and you don’t die if you step outside.

so yesterday when it was 42 i went to the beach with a couple of people and now i have like trippled my tan which took me a month in thialand, in like 30 minutes here. and i didn’t burn, woooooooo.

more importantly however, is the fact i’m going great ocean road tomorrow, where i will take lots of photos. then i will get to melbourne and tell y’all about it and upload a load of the photos i have from adelaide and the great ocean road and all taht fun.

happy holidays folks. xxxx


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