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sightseeing and thieving thais. November 22, 2006

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having been in thailand for a month, i thought, maybe i should actually visit a sight or two… go see a temple, something like that. it is only right, isn’t it….

 so off i trotted on the busy busy ferry on the dirty dirty river, heading south to the old royal district, and noticing the odd view or two as i went.

anyway, after a quick detor to the post office to pick up a letter that had been awaiting me there since the dawn of time (ryans fine, btw), i headed out and about, taking a slow, very sweaty stroll around the place. this part of the town was really quite different from the other places. everything was more spread out and relaxed and a little bit more spiritual i guess.

anyway. i found a big door, but it was locked and i could see no visible handles or cracks or anyway to get in… but there seemed to be a riddle above it in a foreign tongue:

anyway, i went on a big long adventure involving killing dragons and stuff, and eventually found out how to get in. (theres a picture of the mighty dragon on my flickr stream.. check it out yeeah.)

well. it was kinda worth it. i visited the grand palace (or the outside of it cause it closed at 3.) and wat pho, (poo temple i think that translates as?), and it was very pretty i think. it was all pretty cool and nice, and then eventually i made why way to the centre.. it was a bit of a maze to my untrained brain, and in the centre was a massive golden buddha kind of thing that was really big and gold and shiny. far bigger and shinier than all the other buddhas, and there were a lot of others.

finally, after a long time of staring in glee, i found my way out of the temple, but some evil woman had stolen my shoes. i hadn’t noticed the sign on the way in.

 needless to say. i hunted her down and destroyed her. yum yum.

see ya in australia folks. xxx


3 Responses to “sightseeing and thieving thais.”

  1. Collette Says:


    You make me laugh so much, your stories are farking

    Please send more as I need something to brighten up my life in dull, wet and cold England. My trips to Soho are no longer enriching my life, I am thinking about becoming T-Total and a Nun…what do you think?

  2. Evelyne Says:

    Collette – you become a nun and T-total yeh whatever, you are having the time of your life, brill job, seeing all your friends, partying etc Little unsure about your trips to Soho, maybe we need a little chat !!!!! LOL

  3. joe Says:

    luke come home you have proved your point that you can live alione in the big wide wirld!i miss you abd your swiss ways!i need sime swiss cheese!oh i wish i was there wiithe you!I REAPPLIed to uni if you wanted to know, engligh baby! oh im also drinking heavily to forget everthing! you happen to appear in my bbok as a goodguy! COME HOME AFTER YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTING YOU NEED TO DO I MISS YOU!

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