i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

phuket town November 10, 2006

Filed under: monkeys,phuket,thailand — lukeo @ 9:57 am

i been in phuket town for a couple of days now i think. the first night we arrived at about 7pm after loads of travel, and after a few big bottles of nice strong beer i was able to sleep very well. the following day consisted of doing nothing much but reading and sleeping and looking around the town, followed by a severely heavy night of drinking way too much whiskey in the hotel foyer till 2 in the morning. well.. that was fun. but the next day was kinda one to forget about… seeing as i slept in till 5 in the evening then went back to bed at about 9. still. i’m allowed to do that cause i dont have work or uni! ha!!

anyway. today i went up a hill. i thought it would be good for me and i heard a rumour that there would be some monkeys i can find. there was. it was a nice view, and i found a monkey.

anyway, that was that. i put up a handful more photos of different places i have been so far, so just click the link to the flickr feed on the right.


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