i’ve gone travelling…. hi.

I might write about my adventures here…

bangkok ladyboy places November 5, 2006

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someone visited this blog when they typed in ‘bangkok ladyboy places’ into a search engine. apparently i must come up on the first page or two for that search! hoorray! 😀

on a slightly sadder note, i’m having a blast here in ko samui. i’m tanned and sweaty. i’ve done nothing much but sit on the beach, and i walked around a little bit the last couple of days, so i finally have a few photos.. i’ll put some up in a while i guess.

apart from that, its pretty boring. just really being lazy and stuff… but i’m gonna go to phuket in a few days. that might be fun.

also. there is a mass procession of thai kids and adults and a giant multistorey cake, or flower, or temple on top of a car. they are playing music and dressed in bright orrange and looking wierd and tribal. ooh now isn’t that nice…..

cya around. xxx


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