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bangkok and me October 27, 2006

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right. so. in case you didn’t know, bangkok is a pretty mental place. a fun place. but a mental place. it isn’t at all what i had expected… after delhi and all those horrible places, i was pretty much expecting the tiniest streets made of dirt and rock, filled with dead rats, dogs, people and pregnant cows just about to explode. i did not expect to see massive freeways in the sky, looping around the city, lots of very modern looking highrises, and even tescos. where i’m at isn’t quite so plush, but it is still pretty nice compared to that horrible road we stayed in in delhi. khao san road is where its at. mega neons all about your head, hundreds of thais all about, and even more foreigners of every age and style all about you. there are bars, resturaunts and ladyboys every step, and the street are lined with stalls selling noodles, cds, and even volcom trucker hats. yes. volcom.

aaaanyhoo. i think i have jetlag or something. cause i ain’t sleeping right. first night, i slept from 9pm till 2.30pm the next day. and i never sleep in usually, it ain’t good for the complexion. speaking of which, that ain’t looking so good. so, then i have been out and about, eating some noodles, and some stuff, and drinking a little beer and generally being overwhlmed quite a lot by this place.

so i think, i’m pretty tired, i will go to bed cause tomorrow (today) i gotta do stuff.. like find myself somewhere to stay that will be cheeeeap and then maybe find a way to get out of this city without being taken hostage by the mafia or the cia or whatever ladyboy gangs are around here.

i saw one…. (s)he was really tall, and i looked at it and thought, that woman is awefully tall for a thai… then she was on the phone as he went past, and it spoke with a horrible low voice. i was sick in my mouth a little bit. and it wasn’t just from the phad thai or whatever its called i had just eaten fromsome roadside stall.

anyway. i went back, and managed to accidently stay up all night, even though i tried to sleep. i just couldn’t. jetlag i tell ya. the highlight of the night was at 5am when i was watching aerobics oz style on mute with mars volta playing in my earphones, in my 35 degree bedroom trying to follow the instructions for toning my butt….

yeah.. bangkok is mental.

so i found myself a new place.it is infact a palace. or so it says. khaosan palace what tasha told me to find. 400 baht for aircon room and everything. whats that.. like a fiver. not too bad, though hopefully i can push that down to like 120 baht when i get to the beach. or just sleepon the beach for 0000000 baht or whatever. right. so. i dunno when i’m next gonna sleep, but whatever, its gonna be wierd and stuff.

see you all around.
love luke. xx


One Response to “bangkok and me”

  1. Christian! Says:

    george is really blonde in that photo. wow.

    aaw, lukes all growned up and on his own! whata on the agenda? xxx

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